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Top Venture Capital Firms that Invest in Female Founders

Women entrepreneurs are the leading demographic in running successful businesses around the world. This has led to venture capitalists to invest more in companies owned by women. Many who invest are women themselves who are looking to make the business world more diverse in an area that has historically been dominated by men.

  • BBG Ventures

This fund invests in visionary entrepreneurs who are building the next generation of products and services that are likely to take off in the market. They have at least one female founder in every one of their companies. The reason for this is that they believe the greatest opportunity for venture capital lies in backing women who are using their technology to address common problems in life and to change daily habits.

  • Female Founders Fund

Women have experienced fewer failures and have had greater success when given leadership roles in tech. Unfortunately, many venture capital firms still have more men than women. The Female Founders Fund was created in an effort to change that. Their companies all have something that is unique in this business. They are led by talented female founders with innovative ideas that often change the industry and best serve their consumers.

  • Rethink Impact

Here is the largest venture capital firm that is based in the United States. They have been known to invest in female leaders that use their technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. They believe that the next generation of legendary companies will find success through their tireless pursuit for their tireless pursuit of mission, for the benefit of all communities. This includes companies in health, environmental sustainability, education and economic empowerment.

  • Backstage Capital

This fund has been known to invest in founders who identify as women, a person of color or LBGTQ. They believe that these types of founders have been wrongly underestimated and that they might have the most potential for unlocking innovation and creating the most valuable businesses. They are trying to support even more founders by growing a global community of local accelerator programs.

  • Inter Capital Diversity Fund

This is the largest venture capital resource ever created to focus on women and the other misrepresented groups in tech. Their diversity initiative makes sure that people from a wide variety can access the business development programs, global network, technology expertise and brand capital that these women deserve.

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