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Best Cities for Women in Tech

Surprisingly, bigger cities are not always the best ones for women in tech. The cities that most might think would be towards the top would be New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Houston but these cities are not close to being the best with four of them being outside the top twenty. Unfortunately, the gender pay gap has increased by about four percent from 2015. Women made an average of eighty-seven percent of what women made in 2015 and currently make about eighty-three percent. With all this said, there are cities with major opportunities for women.

  • Baltimore, Maryland

In Baltimore, thirty-eight percent of the tech workforce is made up of women. The women working in tech make about ninety-five percent of what men in tech make. Baltimore has the highest average salary in the nation for women in tech with it being about eighty-five thousand a year. Baltimore has also seen employment in the tech industry rise by about twenty-nine percent since 2015 which is also the highest in the nation.

  • Washington, D.C.

Women make up about forty-four percent of the tech workforce in Washington D.C. which is second in the United States. The gender pay gap in Washington D.C. is also smaller when compared to the national average. The average annual earnings for men working in tech is about eighty-six thousand a year and women being eighty-one thousand a year. This concludes that women in tech make about ninety-four percent of what men earn in tech.

  • Arlington, Virginia

The average earnings for women in tech in Arlington is about seventy thousand dollars. This is ranked top ten in the country for any city. It is also ranked in the top ten as being one of the most livable cities and having some of the most affordable housing in the United States. Combining all these facts, it is not surprising that a very high number of about thirty-nine percent of jobs in the tech industry are occupied by women.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

Even though the tech industry in Albuquerque only grew about ten percent since 2015, Albuquerque ranks in the upper third in these important stats for women in tech. Women make up about thirty-six percent of the tech workforce in the city and their average earnings are ninety-seven percent of what men earn. Average earnings for women are about sixty thousand a year. Albuquerque is also nationally ranked for being one of the best value cities in the United States.

  • Chesapeake, Virginia

The gender pay gap in the tech industry in Chesapeake is about seven percent smaller than the national average, with women making about ninety percent of what men make on average. Women are a big part of the tech workforce in this city. About forty-three percent of the tech jobs in this city are women.

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